Can't open FS Administrator after upgrade


The system was updated to FLOWSTER Studio 5.3 from an older Version (4.8.x). The Portal login is working, but you get an error by accessing the Administrator Portal:

{"Message":"{\"message\":\"There is an error in XML document (2, 2).\",\"description\":\" at RestApi.Controllers.PermissionsController.GetPermissions() in ....

This error happens, because of a unsuccessfull converted Admi Permission Template from the old Version.



  1. Download our Adminpermission Template fixingtool

  2. Make a backup of your FLOWSTER databases

  3. Start the tool with the users how have write permissions for the FLOWSTER database

  4. Set the database Server and the name of the FLOWSTER Master database

    Fix Admin Permission Tool Gui
  5. Start the process by click on the button Fix Admin Permissions

  6. The fix is already applied, if the status Done is visible

  7. Reload the portal and access the Administrator Portal