Failed to create a PointCollection


  1. FLOWSTER Studio Execution Agent stopped working

  2. Platformlogs include following error message

    Platformlog error message

3. FLOWSTER Studio Tenant DB, Table PendingWorkflows include the error message in the column WfGuid



  1. Update to FLOWSTER Studio 5.3

  2. Find the workflow that generates this error

    1. Connect to the FLOWSTER Studio Tenant DB

    2. Output the Entries of the PendingWorkflows Table

    3. Note the ID from the WfId column, with the error

    4. Search the Workflow in the WF_Timestamp table

      1. PendingWorkflows.WfId = WF_Timestamp.ID

  3. Check-out the Workflow via the FLOWSTER Studio Designer

  4. Check-in the Workflow via the FLOWSTER Studio Designer

  5. Delete the DB entires with the error from the PendingWorkflows Table

  6. Restart the FLOWSTER Execution Agent

  7. Run the Workflow with the new Timestamp again